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An assignment that I currently had to read for class had caught my attention very well.  The author made some very valid points on individuals basically having their papers, and other such art forms, blamed for their violent behavior.  When some time of violent act happens, such as a school shooting, the faculty turns their attention to what the student does in their spare time.  If it is found that they are writing about violent things, then they attribute that to the cause of why that particular is violent.  I have never really agreed with that fact, but I had never really given it much thought until I had read this particular article.

The author was actually arguing on the behalf that writing, and other such art forms, are actually an outlet for these students.  What they write or create does not make them a violent person.  It is the way that these individuals have found to express themselves.  It is their more creative side.  For some it may be in hope that someone will understand them, while for others it is just a sense of release for them.  I have found this to actually be very helpful for myself.  I have found that if you write about something, it allows you to get it off your chest, and I have found that it also helps to free your mind of those thoughts.


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In my Writing in Disciplines Class we just recently had a rather large paper that was due.  I had gracefully perfected the art of procrastination for this paper, but I did have it done to turn in on the assigned date of last Wednesday.  I had put it off until the last minute, but I was able to pull of the paper quite well.  Another interested fact about that, was that the teacher himself had told the class that this would not be possible for this type of paper.

Upon attending class that day, I was very amazed to find out that I was the only student that had the ten page paper to turn into him.  There had been a student that had turned their paper in early due to the fact that they were going to be gone.  Plus I was amazed at how there were a grand total of three people in the class.  I was rather shocked at how calm he remained at this.  A few simple questions were asked as to how the papers were coming along, but that was about it aside from the fact of me giving a rather lengthy summary of what my paper entailed.

I figured by Friday class attendance would possibly be up, and at least the majority of the class would have their paper turned into the teacher for class submissions.  Boy was I wrong on that one.  By today only one other person had turned in their paper, and class attendance was down yet again.  It would be nice if the other students would take the class a little more serious.  It personally don’t think that it is that hard to put a little effort in to show up for class.  The teacher will puts a lot of effort into the class.  He will read your paper multiple times to help you make it a perfect paper.

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It seems that lately I have been perfecting the art of procrastination. It is not something that I should be proud of, but lately it seems that I have been. I have been putting off studying for tests, starting my blog back up again, writing large papers ahead of time, and basically anything that else can be put off I find a way.

It is amazing the excuses that I find to put off not doing an important assignment. They range from I need to go to bed early, so that hopefully tomorrow I will feel better and have more energy to do it then. Tomorrow comes and goes with nothing being accomplished. It does not help that Spring Break is just ahead either. I think of all the leisure time that I will have. I should use it to get caught up on my studies, but that would just be kidding everybody.

Lately, I have managed to put off studying for an important test until the last minute. I am sure that my grade will show the small amount of effort that I put into it. I have also managed to wait until the last possible day to write a ten page paper. For that one, I keep using the excuse that I don’t know what to write about. I tried to start that paper last night, but I did not get very far on it. Today is the last day, so we will so how that one goes.

I am glad to be back writing on here again. If feels good to be able to vent about the many things that I have been putting off in my life lately. One thing that I will say in benefit of procrastination though, is that it forces you to think more creatively. I am able to get right at what I need to say, instead of just having a whole bunch of useless information written down that does not help my papers out in any way!

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While reading through Risdahl’s book on blogging, I came across this quote that shortly summarized what the blogging world enables you to do.

Just like the Internet and the Web, blogs are powerful tools for communicating and connecting. Used properly and responsibly, they can be effective ways to find others who share your interests for both community and friendship.

When you begin to think more about this quote, you are able to see how truthful it is. People go on the internet for various reason, but for quite a few people they go on the internet to either research or find people with similiar interests as them. They are able to form a friendship with people they never would have meet, and if they are connected with a larger group of people, they begin to form a community on the web. They are able to learn more about what interests them, see a different standpoint of what they are interested in, and they are able to discuss with other individuals various topics that are of interest to them. Just as that quote mentions, we need to remember to use the bloggin site for appropriate content/reasons.

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