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Today was another interesting morning.  I got to deal with a person that I would rather never see again.  I know that sounds harsh, but all that he has pulled in the last year, a person would then understand why I made that statement.  I would rather not go into all the juicy details, because that would take way too long, and plus I have this new philosophy that I need to forget about the past and live in the future.  I cannot change what has happened in the past, and the things that have happened I am now glad that I did not do things differently.  If I had done that, I probably would have still been with that person living a life that no person should live.

Now to get back to why I have the title that I do, would be due to the fact that every word out of this person’s mouth that I have to see, is a lie.  I think he would honestly die if he ever told the truth.  Back then I know realize everything that he told me was a complete lie.  I believed him at the time, mainly because I didn’t know any better.  Plus I have rarely been lied to.  Plus it also annoys me that when you catch him in a lie, he just continues to tell one lie after another.  I mean what kind of parents does he have to have raised a child that only knows how to lie?  I guess they should be proud.  I cannot wait until I never have to talk to this person again.  I should not be saying this, but the level of lying that he has finally reached has pushed me to that point.  I guess if you have been lying your entire life, you would have it down to an art form by now!


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Quote of the Day

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.   Helen Keller

Today I was again at a loss for finding a worthy news article for me to blog about.  I was also tired of blogging about the same old things that are happening in my life.  I instead chose to search out a quote to inspire me and to reflect upon.  This quote pretty much sums up what has been going on with my life recently.

This quote can sum about everyone else’s life also.  If we reflect upon this, we are able to see that the things that we have gone through in our life, are what has made us the person that we are today.  If nothing happened to us, we would have a boring life, and we would have no experiences to grow and develop from.  Some experiences in life most people wish they would not have had to go through, because there are certain experiences in life that are very painful at the time.  These can range from the death of a loved one, something related to a relationship, and any other painful experience that one may encounter in their lifetime.  Once an individual has gotten over the pain, they are able to see the lesson that was trying to be taught to them.

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When I awoke this morning, I awoke to more snow. It seems like in only Northern Minnesota that you are always kept guessing as to what the weather is going to be like that day. I have been growing rather accustomed to the weather when it warms up enough to wear spring type clothes and no jacket. I mean a jacket was just an extra accessory that I had to carry around school all day. I was getting to the point again of where I did not need to dress in layers to attend school.

Plus, I was just getting used to the roads actually being nice to drive on. They were no longer icy, and I was not having to drive so cautiously as I had to do today. I was getting used to racing over to school, not worrying about sliding into another car if they decided to slam on their brakes. It was also nice not having to go out and start my car so that it would warm up and the windshield would un-thaw.

Maybe this is me just being lazy, because winter makes me get up earlier and do more things, but I think it just has to do with the fact how Minnesota weather just likes to tease us. We see the melting snow, rise in temperature, and the more people that were getting outside to enjoy the nice weather. I was even walking more places that I usually drove to!

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Growing up in a small town, Baudette, I thought that it was just a small town full of drama. Everyone knew everything about everybody. I kept telling myself that I could wait until I went off to college. It was going to be a larger town, full of a lot more things to do, and I also thought it was going to full of less drama and childish games.

I chose to go to college at Bemidji State University. It was close to home, which allowed quick access for me to go home if I ever wanted to. Plus I came to Bemidji all the time to go shopping, and I just loved the town. There were quite a few places that I loved to go shopping at, quite a few places that I loved to eat at, and I loved the fact that it still almost looked like it was part of the wilderness.

Everything was going great. My first year I noticed drama that you see around college towns, but since I was a Freshman, it didn’t really seem to impact me all that much. It was my first time actually living on my own, I didn’t care what I said to people, and I really didn’t take anything to heart that anyone said to me.

That all changed my second year of college. I was used to the fact of living on my own, I was becoming more aware of what I said to others, and I began to take to heart what people said to me. I was maturing more, and I was turning into an adult. It bothered me, but not to the extent that it bothers me now.

This is my fourth year here at BSU, and with having relationships with a certain individual, I have found out that some people are not able to accept the fact that they are no longer in a relationship with that individual. I have accepted the fact that we needed to take a break from one another, and that we needed to experience things on our own. I am noticing now though that we are starting to act like we used to when we were once dating. He has ex-girlfriends that cannot accept the fact that he broke up with them, and they continue to either blame it on me. They also chose to go around telling rumors about how they are still with him. I am just wondering if that makes them feel better or what their actual intention is? They should not target me out, and blame me for them no longer being in a relationship with him!

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Something that has been on my mind for quite awhile is the thought of people and maturity. I have noticed that it seems impossible for some people to grow up. They tend to lie like a little two year old, act just like one, and they have that notion that they will never get caught. It is so hard to talk to people like this, deal with people like this, and it is even harder to keep thinking about people that act this way. There are so many other things that a person could think about, such as school, but the thoughts of school seemed to keep getting pushed aside because of how immature one certain individual can be.

Since so much time is spent thinking about how immature one person really can be, one begins to wonder how this person came about this little habit, for lack of better wording. When one begins to analyze this person’s personal life. How they grew up, who they grew up around, and basically anything that influences the person they turned out to be, the picture becomes so much clearer.

Looking at the individuals in that persons’ family gives light as to why this person is so immature. To take a look at the individuals mother, a big flashing neon sign is over her head, pointing to her. She acts just like him. She lies all the time, she acts like a little two year old, and she thinks the rudest acts are the funniest.

One would think that someone in the family would notice this, and the sad thing is that they do. They just choose to do nothing about it. They pass it off as it is the way she is, or they just choose to turn a blind eye to the entire thing. When someone new comes in and tries to fix it, they get kicked out of the family. If that is the way that family chooses to operate, then so be it. There are many mature people out in the world that know how to act. I might as well give up on trying to get a certain individual to mature, and I need to start concentrating on surrounding me with people that are helpful and not hurtful.

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I have always had mixed feelings about online dating, but after hearing a story today about what happened to a woman that meet in person with a guy she meet on the internet, I was in awe of what happened to her. She meet a guy on the internet, and of course it worked up to the point of them meeting in person. Little did she know what was going to happen. When the man arrived at her house, he killed her. He broke her neck, and he also stabbed her.

The individual that was telling me this story was headed to her funeral today, and he was also going to offer any help to the family that he could. I just sat there in awe thinking what kind of person would put on a fact act in order to meet someone and end their life. I am beginning to wonder where our society is headed with the whole internet thing. How safe is it really?

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Yesterday I went to get my hair cut, and walking into the salon I noticed the usual younger girls that you always see as stylist. There was one woman though who did not seem to fit. She was old enough to be a grandma, yet she seemed to fit the stylist part. She did not dress like a grandma, and she looked just as “done up” as all the other much younger girls.

As I was getting my hair cut, I began to wonder if she was just doing this because she loved it. She may have just wanted to get out of the house, and what better way to do it than to get paid to do something that you love. I also considered another reason why she was doing it, and I began to wonder if she needed a job and this was the only one she could get. I am hoping she was doing it because she loved it, not because she needed the money.

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