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I’m sure that those of you that are reading my blog, have noticed that I haven’t written lately.  I was lucky enough to have a computer that decided that it no longer would turn on, and since that it was Spring Break I wasn’t able to get to a computer to keep up on my blog.  I didn’t think that it would work too well taking a little one year old to a public library, keep her in one place and occupied, and try to write a well written blog.  Now that school is started, I should be much better about writing on here!


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The Start of My Blog

Hi!  It’s finally back to school time, and I can actually say that I am happy to be back doing something here at Bemidji State University.  I like to stay busy doing whatever, and I actually do enjoy learning new things as I am right now.  I have read different blogs before, but I have never written my own blog about me.

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